Program Information

Food Lion is proud to support local non-profit organizations and give back to the communities that we call home. Through our Classroom Rewards and Community Rewards programs, we are able to provide free educational equipment to local schools and a cash contribution to local charities.

Important Facts
  • Each participating school and charity will be assigned a unique Code that will be used to identify them in the program.

  • Supporters will enroll by linking their MVP Card(s) to the Code at

  • Every time they shop and present their MVP Card, the amount they spend on qualified items is automatically credited to the local school and or charity that they choose to support.

  • All Food Lion brand products are considered qualifying items.

  • Food Lion will credit up to $1,000,000 worth of free equipment and cash contributions back to the participating schools and charities. Schools will earn points towards free equipment and supplies, while charities will earn credit towards a cash contribution.

  • Supporters must link their MVP Card to their school and/or charity of choice to participate in either the Classroom Rewards or Community Rewards programs.

Point and Fund Distribution

The Classroom Rewards and Community Rewards track supporter spending all year long and the program periods run January- April, May-August and September-December.

Classroom Rewards Points

Classroom Rewards Points are deposited into the school’s account about 4-6 weeks after the period ends.

  • A participating school must have a minimum of twenty five (25) supporters enrolled to be considered active in the program.

  • A participating school earns one point* per dollar spent on supporters’ Food Lion Brand product purchases.

  • Schools redeem the points for free equipment and supplies from the online catalog. Schools must use the points during the redemption period or could be subject to losing them.

  • For official program rules, please refer to the coordinator guidebook.***

Community Rewards Funds

Community Rewards donations are distributed 3 times per year and checks are issued about 4-6 weeks after a period ends.

  • Participating charities can earn up to $2,500 per distribution.

  • A participating organization must have a minimum of twenty five (25) supporters signed up to be considered active in the program.

  • Organizations earn 1%** of supporters spending on Food Lion Brand products

  • A participating organization must earn a minimum of $50 in any individual period in order to receive a check.

  • For official rules, please refer to the coordinator guidebook.***



Food Lion MVP Rewards Monthly Sweepstakes Offers Even More Rewards!

When you enroll your Food Lion MVP Card for your favorite school or charity in the Classroom Rewards and/or Community Rewards program, and shop at your local Food Lion store, you can be entered for a chance to win a $250 Food Lion Gift Card.

Click here for the Official Rules.


* up to $800,000 per year
** up to $200,000 per year
*** Food Lion reserves the right to change the terms of the Classroom Rewards program at any time.

Food Lion is giving back to the community and to everyone that helps! By participating in these exciting programs, there are rewards for everyone including schools, charities to local supporters!