Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

If there’s something you can’t run away from – it’s age. You are currently older than when you first started reading this. We might need the help of a home health agency . We however don’t want to face reality. Given that it’s common knowledge that aging is as certain as the light of day, I believe we should strive to age gracefully. You know, like wine maybe? If we are blessed, we will make it to be seniors. There are challenges people face in their old age but we can avoid them especially with regards to health.

You need to eat right from the onset. So many seniors are suffering from lifestyle diseases because of poor eating habits among other reasons.


So, what is considered a healthy eating habit? Obviously, you don’t grab anything edible that you set your eyes on. As you grow older, your metabolism changes. If when younger you could eat all the cake by yourself, as a senior that wouldn’t be a good idea. Too much sugar for a senior may cause you trouble. A healthy eating habit for a senior means you have the right proportions of a meal. If it’s protein, fibre, vitamins or carbohydrates. As earlier mentioned, your metabolism has reduced hence you want to eat just what is sufficient.

Point to note, eating healthy requires discipline. It should therefore start when you are young. As a senior, at times your options are limited. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with arthritis, diabetes or are obese. You either stick to the doctor’s script or you will not see the light of day again. Portions that seniors take should have fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains. This should be the norm though from when one understands the importance of living well and healthy.

Water is life. The truth to this can not be emphasized. Water has benefits that range from skin care to just giving you a good aura. Hot water after meals, first thing in the morning or a few minutes before bed would help with a senior’s metabolism. Staying hydrated leaves one feeling good. Dehydration may lead to headaches, straining of the body and it is not what we want at old age. It is also recommended to have between 6 – 8 glasses of water each day. This may be a tall order for seniors but you do get the drift, hydrate.


Seniors require whole foods in greater quantities. With age, one is not able to take just what you desire. When shopping, be keen to read the nutritional facts in any food packaging. Anything with cholesterol is a no go zone. Cholesterol is not good for the heart. However, you can make your heart work just like a new engine. Embrace a bit of exercise. Talk walks if jogging is not your cup of tea. If you can take the stairs, that’s fantastic! Avoid the elevator.

A crucial thing to look into is your weight as a senior. Obesity is said to be a choice at times though not everyone who would agree. Weight issues at an old age would only make life more complex. Just some free advice for you as a senior or a senior you may be knowing, they need to ensure their weight is in check. You can have your body mass index measured at any health facility for minimal or no charge at all. This will also inform your decision on which foods to focus on depending on what you would like to achieve.

Seniors should eat less of refined grains. White rice may be termed to be sweeter. Others may like their spaghetti. Butter on your white bread or that glass of soda. All these are alluring. However, as a senior you want more days and more health. Don’t alleviate your chances of getting a stroke or acquiring an ailment that you would have avoided.

It is easier said than done. However, practice makes perfect. In your household or if you are in home health care you can get your children or grandchildren to help you eat healthy. It may not be a rosy affair for them but that’s what family does. We are there for each other and love conquers all. As a senior, you have seen so much in life. Eating healthy and living healthy are among top agendas in your priority list. Eat well, live well, age gracefully.

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