Taking charge of your body and health

Among the many essentials our bodies require, food is inclusive. Many people have quoted that food is their first choice in life and that food is life. Our body is like a machine and any other machine requires fuel to run. Food in this concept is the fuel that our body uses to function. Every organ and cell relies on the calories and nutrients found in food. There are many biological processes that occurs in our bodies such as respiration, digestion and also reproduction. All these processes are dependent on food. Therefore below are the effects of food in our bodies. It is important to note that food offer some nutrients to our bodies.

Classification of nutrients in food

Carbohydrates; are also referred to as energy giving foods. If you exceed the amount you should gain per day; this might cause some additional weight on your body but never you worry – there is Dallas female plastic surgeon that you can reach out to.

Proteins; these nutrients help in building new cells in our bodies.

Fats; are compounds that are insoluble in water. They include butter, ghee and also fish oil.

Minerals; are needed for proper functioning of processes such as transportation of oxygen.

Vitamins; these nutrients are essential for healing of damaged organs.

Water; it is an elixir of life and is essential for functioning of many organs in our bodies.

Effects of food in our bodies
Apart from the general consumption of food to satisfy our hunger, food also have other effects ion our bodies. These effects are;

Food offers nutrients to our bodies including vitamins, proteins, fats and also carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits are a great source of vitamins which are essential in healing wounds and other damaged cells. Many researchers have concluded that nutrients gained from food are essential in healing many diseases.

Another effect of food in our bodies is its ability to create energy. Energy is important for our functioning and also the functioning of the cells and organs in our body. Our day to day activities is affected by how much energy we have. To have a good body health, it is improtant to ensure that we eat a balanced diet.

Food has a healing effect in our bodies. The nutrient that we get from eating food such as fruits, milk and vegetables are what our body uses to heal. All categories of vitamins obtained from eating vegetable be it kales or spinach, are important in speeding recovery process of any damaged organs.

Development and growth process is only possible when you eat a balanced diet. There are many cases or retarded growth among children caused by lack of food or consuming unbalanced diet. Food contain an important nutrient called calcium responsible for development of the body’s bone structure. Milk and other dairy products are the main sources of proteins, carbohydrates and fat responsible for growth. Regular consumption of these products is advised to ensure that the required growth level is reached.
Mental well being
Many times we have been advised to watch the food we eat because it has a direct relation with our mental well being. Food has an ability to alter the chemistry of our bodies. This will in turn affect our mood and effectiveness of our brain. There are food that have an effect on the hormonal levels in our brain such as whole grains. Also, food have the ability to affect our memory and how we relax.

Spiritual energy
This might seem odd but food has some effect on our spiritual energy. There is a relation between your desire for food and the soul desire to spiritual substance. Choosing what we eat is determined by the attitude and belief we have for ourselves. Obtaining healthy thoughts which are in sync with our spiritual laws is determined by what we choose to eat.

How we relate with other people is determined by what we eat. Interacting with someone who has not had food in a while can be very difficult. This is because such people are prone to aggression. Consuming food appropriate for our body’s need is one way of sourcing energy which will help in restoring harmony between us and the environment we live in.

Food is life as it has been said. It is important to know the effect food has on our bodies so that we will be cautious on what we eat. Our health is affected by what we eat and this is a clear indication that we are supposed to be be careful and observe a healthy diet. Similarly, what we eat is integrated in our mind soul and spiritual being.

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